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King Redd

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Pierre also known as king redd is a afro Caribbean artist who was born on a small island in the Caribbean called st.crioix in the mid 80s. When he was 3 he came to the states with his mother and settled in miami fl with other family members . Growing up as the youngest of 5 his single mother raised him as best she could . Bestowing upon him old fashioned values coupled with things to hold his attention and keep him out of the street. Such as comic books and game consoles . It is from these things as well as the life around him which he draws on For inspiration as an artist. He drew super heroes graffiti and kept a sketch book with him always . In his early 20s he turned his love of art into a profession as a tattoo artist and kept that up for 12 years. In early 2017 he met an artist named LEBO showed him some of his art and expressed an interest in becoming a visual artist as well as a mural artist,and this is when his art career began . Completing his first painting in April of that year he went on to participate in art shows and events

for the remainder of the year ,and eventually getting into an art basel.event . As u look at the work of this artist mind his newness his history and try and see if u can see the future that is in his eyes and hands .

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