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Born into the legacy of renowned pop artist, Michael Perez, Jason’s entrepreneurial spirit inspired him to establish Jason Perez Art Collection – Representation and Agency.  From New York to Miami, Jason Perez is dialed into his artistic passions and with tremendous momentum, is making moves in the world of art. As a highly motivated and focused Art Broker he is on a mission to “continue his Father’s legacy, help artists reach their highest potential, make dreams come true and inspire others.” Jason Perez is making all the right moves and positioning himself as a leading, up-and-coming art broker.
Jason is effectively combining his life passion/skills as an artist with years of hands-on experience operating his father’s Miami-based Fine Arts Gallery, Gallery 212, in order to successfully co-create this Collective with a superstar team of passionate artists.


Distinguished by a series of Art Basel accolades, Jason Perez Art has earned its reputation in the art world. Such awards include the prestigious Spotlight Award at the 2019 Spectrum Miami Art show, the esteemed Best Sculpture award at the 2021 Art Expo New York and not one, but several Director’s Awards at the 2021 Red Dot Miami, 2022 Spectrum Miami Art Show, and the 2023 Art Expo New York.

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Now representing over 40 talented Artists, Jason Parez Art showcases their creative genius in various avant-garde art galleries and innovative spaces.

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