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Szabina Szlifka


My name is Szabina Szlifka Born: Kaposvar, November 14, 1989. In 2008, I graduated from Zichy Mihály Vocational School with a degree in textile engineering. Throughout my life, traveling and understanding different cultures have played a significant role. Until 2016, I lived and traveled in numerous countries, from Asia to America. In 2016, I fell in love in Florida and planned my life there. In 2017, I participated in bodybuilding competitions, demonstrating dedication by achieving first place in all three contests, showcasing my love for sports and its empowering role in my life. With the guidance of a Russian art teacher in Miami, I started painting with acrylics. Previously creating abstract pieces, I explored the diversity of art by playing with colors. After moving back to Hungary for the birth of my son, I resumed painting, transitioning to oil paints and increasingly adopting a realistic technique. While I especially enjoy portraying portraits, my love for travel also reflects in my depiction of landscapes on canvas. My favorite Hungarian artist, whom I greatly admire, is Nagy Boglárka. I was fortunate to take private lessons from her, where I grasped the concept of plasticity in portrait representation. After a year together, my first truly colorful and lively paintings emerged, reflecting both beauty and the joy of life. I feel that I evolve with each painting, viewing each one as a unique challenge. My greatest dream is to dedicate my future entirely to art.

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