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Aria Marli Art

Screenshot 2023-09-17 at 17-22-01 Karim Aboud - Resin Artist (_aria.marli) • Instagram pho

Artist Karim is a self-taught artist out of Palm​ Beach,FL who pushes the boundaries of resin on canvas creating aerial seascape paintings that transport you to paradise.

Her current collection focuses on aerial seascape paintings featuring textured sand and realistic oceans made with epoxy resin. Her life like waves pull you in and upon a closer look you are delighted by her charming 'tiny' details such as mini beach umbrellas, surfers, boats & beachcombers.

Look again and you'll discover how she cleverly combines soothing oceans and playful femininity.

Second to her love of creating is teaching. She teaches one-on-one resin and alcohol ink courses and workshops in person or online. Her on line courses are available on her website or

Artist Statement:

" ... when I am alone and creating, I am transported to another place. My hands run through the liquid resin & all time stops, problems disappear and I find peace. Art saved my life and in a sense I heal with every piece I make. This is what I want for my collectors. I'd love each of them to find PEACE in my work. I'd love for them to take home a little piece of calm, tranquility and serenity."

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