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Gus Colors

GusColors 1.jpg

GusColors has painted with brilliant colors since his formative years in Managua, Nicaragua. He witnessed a country that was poverty-stricken and politically unstable. As a teenager he knew his future was uncertain, so he set his eyes on the United States. As soon as he arrived in Miami, Florida in 2001 he was welcomed with the beauty and vibrancy of The Magic City – a major source of inspiration.


GusColors has developed a unique and varied career participating in over 10 major art fairs in the United States including Spectrum Miami, Art Expo New York and Aqua Art Miami, as well as an international fair in Ferrara, Italy. GusColors has exhibited in galleries such as Art Fusion Galleries and has been featured in publications such as Miami New Times. He has also become an integral part of the Miami art scene completing murals for Volkswagen and Miami Heat basketball player Alonso Mourning’s Overtown Youth Center, among others.


GusColors’ solo exhibitions include “The Pineapple Project” in 2019 at Lira Art Gallery in Wynwood, Miami’s renowned Arts District, as well as “Dear Earth” in 2021 at The Art Space on the famous Calle Ocho in Little Havana. Currently, GusColors is a resident artist with Easton Art Galleries in Delray Beach, Florida and Rossocinabro Gallery in Rome, Italy. GusColors continues to expand the scope of his art through the launch of two unique clothing brands which are now being sold online and in stores throughout the city.

GusColors has the natural gift of capturing the external world with wit, purpose, and precision. Through vibrant characters, color choices and use of multiple canvases GusColors strays from the esoteric expectations of pop art, combining both elements of the conscious and subconscious mind. His art simultaneously brings together innocence and mischievousness, light and obscure creating a deeper connection to our emotions. GusColors is more than another style of contemporary art, it is a thought-provoking medium you can share and be a part of.

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