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Linda Himeur


Born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden, with Algerian heritage, Ms. Himeur emigrated to the US in 2006, currently residing in the vibrant city of Miami. 

A self taught contemporary artist, who discovered a love for solitude and creativity as a young child, now internationally fledged with unique visions.


She is one to express via creations over words. Each piece is a story, but never one told. The meaning lies in the eye of the beholder, relatable to all perceptions yet limited to none. 


Bold colors, mixed media, and high end xilion cut Swarovski crystals combined with 24k gold, glitter, gemstones, and Mother of Pearl; glitz and glam is the focal point of her pieces. A believer in more is more, each piece is guaranteed to capture the attention of any viewer. 


"The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination" - Albert Einstein

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