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Arturo Romero (R2ROMERO)  is a Mexican American street artist who is known for his distinctive portraits on currency.
Born and raised in California, he started painting money in 2015, Since then he has traveled and painted in various countries,
such as England, Spain, France, Netherlands, Mexico, and the United States.He has also participated in several art festivals and
exhibitions around the world.

He now lives and works in Florida, an ambitious artist who transforms money into extraordinary pieces of art.He uses banknotes from
different countries to create unique and valuable pieces, his works are highly sought-after by collectors and enthusiasts who appreciate
his originality and skill.Blending realism and collectibles makes his work profoundly appealing to a far-reaching audience, allowing collaboration
with prominent artist and international brands.

Arturo Romero is a loving Son, a Husband, and Father he is deliberate and positive about his work, always learning new skills and techniques
determined to pursue his artistic goals of creating exclusive pieces for art collectors worldwide.


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