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Jason Perez Art is a professional art dealer based out of Miami Florida & New York. Jason can deliver a piece directly to you, or feature your artwork at the most important aesthetic networking events in the United States. 

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Captain Casual

Captain Casual (b. 1988, Colorado) is a refreshing breath of happiness and color. Completely self taught, Casual’s ability to pull from street art, pop and contemporary are nothing short of unconventional and eye catching. Art didn’t always come easy to the Captain, but after dying and coming back to life, he gained a powerful perspective of life and the scarcity of time. Aiming to have fun every day and spread as much happiness into the world as possible. Captain Casual is one of the most friendly and outgoing artists you will ever meet. His paintings are no different, seemingly inviting you in to explore the boundaries of color; only to tear down the walls and turn the accepted normalities into vivid displays of life and happiness. If there was ever a style of painting to evoke happiness, this is it.

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