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Audrey Jennifer


Audrey Jennifer is a St. Petersburg, Florida based artist who enjoys pulling from the intricacies of love, struggles, and relationships to bring together pieces that convey inspiring ideas of what can be communicated from life’s various chapters and journeys.


Coming from a background of studying sociology with focuses on intimate relationships and people with disabilities, Audrey has carried with her a deep level of humanitarianism and a desire to connect people. She now delights in bringing that to life through art, with each of her pieces speaking of a different part of life’s journey that she believes deserve to be shared, related to, and enjoyed.


Her first solo art show, SPEAK, was built by a series of portrait and lip paintings that uplifted celebrities and hometown locals who have been known to struggle with mental health or have lost their battle with suicide. She plans to continue creating art that speaks both of life’s beauty and of its breakdowns in an effort to break the chains of stigma towards differences and replace them with celebration of what they can work together to create. Art with a purpose.

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