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Savage Dax

Savage Dax.jpg

I’ve worn many hats over the last 17 years.

I’ve been a gangster.

I’ve been a taco sculptor.


(‘taco maker’ doesn’t have the same creative ring to it)


I’ve been an artist.


I’ve been a business owner, a marketer, and a mentor to artists around the world.


Except for gang banging and dealing dope, I still wear all those hats.


I’m still an artist, business owner, marketer and mentor.


I live and breathe that air every day.


And I still slang tacos so good, they’ll hurt your abuelas feelings.


(sorry grandma)


The truth is, art saved my life.


Since the ripe age of 20...


Entrepreneurs, musicians, and athletes have trusted me with the delicate,






(“one shot at this”) task -


of professionally and permanently carving their story,


(conveyed through my art)


into their skin, 


and changing their body forever.


I’m blessed to have worked with living legends around the globe.


I've helped them to tell their story through world class artwork.


Most of my clients work with me because they want to create a tattoo that becomes their brand.


I can tell you from personal experience:


There is no better business card than to have a tattoo that tells your story and gets admired everywhere.


I’ve done artwork for:


- International superstar DJ Khaled,


- Infamous entrepreneurs, authors and speakers. People like Grant Cardone, Frank Kern, Todd Brown, and Les Brown


- Legendary athletes and coaches. Including Tim Grover (coach to Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and others). And World Cup star Edson Braafield.


- To name a few.


I’ve done 57 of my own tattoos.


I've worked in some of the best shops on the planet.


I've invested over 1.2 million dollars into myself to get me to where I am today.


All so that I can provide the best possible experience for you, my client.


I am the underdog.


I am the black sheep.


I am an innovator of the Tattoo industry.


I am The one and only Savage Dax.


Look, tattoo artists aren’t created equal.


You can get an average tattoo or a SAVAGE tattoo.

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