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Melissa Greiner


Vivid Realism / Surrealism Artist

Born in Western Canada, Melissa's creative background started at a very young age with oil and acrylic painting, sculpture and mixed media arts. Inspired by natural habitat her painting style became vivid realism by the age of 17. 
Melissa received her BA in 2005 giving her an extensive background in Graphic Arts and Design. This digital art training influenced her fine arts to have a more modern, graphic feel while still keeping aspects of her realism eye for landscape, nature and still life. 

Permanent residence of South Florida for 8 years, Melissa has love for the culture and lifestyle that Miami brings. The city and surrounding areas has had a positive and significant impression on her life as an Fine Arts advocate. 

With the drive to create unique, vivid pieces Melissa seeks to tell a story and bring viewers her artist vision. As an avid traveler she continuously seeks to learn about new cultures and immerse herself into each experience. Her Artwork has sold worldwide including New Zealand, Canada and Europe. 
Melissa utilizes new methods and techniques to challenge herself in her personal growth as an Artist.

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