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Pao Saenz

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Pao Saenz, is a self-taught Artist since was a little girl, born in Mar del Plata, province of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

From 2008, motivated by her friends and family, she began to show her artworks to the world, participating in different and important solo shows, art exhibitions, biennials, galleries and fairs both nationally and internationally, mentioning USA, India and Uruguay the countries in which she has achieved to spread her art.

2017 marked her departure from the corporate world, since then she has poured all of her energy into her artistic career and the evolution of her art that has allowed her to reach great personal achievements.

In this way and with the past of the time, she has been able to enrich her work by also attending several art competitions and seminars and getting important awards on her artworks.
Her paintings often gravitate towards warm tones and vivid colors and her art injects an explosion of energy into any room.
The idea is always to innovate in her artworks provoking thought and inspiration on the viewer.

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