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Mister George


George Nicolas-Nader, better known as Mister George, is a street artist based in Miami, Florida. Although Mister George started his career in 2015, he was drawn to the arts from a young age after picking up a book of Jean-Michael Basquiat’s work and becoming fascinated by it. 


George attended Miami International University, where he pursued studies in Fashion Design and Visual Arts. Drawing from his interest in the fashion industry, Mister George collaborated with designer Fabrice Tardieu for his first Art Basel show in 2016. Mister George also collaborated with Limited Edition Gallery to host an event featuring himself alongside the artists Moebius and Spencer Mar. 


In 2017, Mister George’s artwork was featured in a gala for the David Ortiz & Ray Allen Fundraiser. In Halloween of 2017, Mister George was commissioned for a live painting at WALL Nightclub. Mister George once again participated in Art Basel of 2017, where he had a show with Shawn Kolodny and Lexy Pryde at the Shore Club, along with a solo show at the National Hotel.


In early 2018, Mister George was approached by Lionsgate to have his work featured in their upcoming movies being filmed in the Dominican Republic. His work can be seen in the two movies, “Trabajo Sucio” and “Que Leon,” which features other famous Latin American artists such as Ozuna and Clarissa Molina. 


In the spring of 2018, Mister George participated in a show with Stoli Vodka in La Romana, Dominican Republic. For this show, he collaborated with other Miami-based artists such as Marcel Katz and Aholsniffsglue. Shortly thereafter, Mister George painted his first mural in the Wynwood Arts District, which can still be seen at Modart Gallery. In October 2018, Mister George was approached by Breitling to be featured in their Latin American Premiere. George painted the Breitling “Zorro” watch from the 1950s which made quite an impression on Breitling CEO, Georges Kern. 


Mister George has been featured on several magazines, newspaper, and online articles, such as Haute Living, Hombre, El Listen Diario, and El Caribe. You can follow him and see his works via his webpage

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