Laz Rivera

Lazaro J Rivera is a 36 year old self taught Miami born all-around artist.  As a professional tattoo artist for over 10 years, art has quickly become one of his greatest passions.  What started off as a hobby has transformed into a life goal to be one of the greatest. With his keen attention to detail, eye for vibrant colors and realistic yet abstract approach, his art can brighten any space.


Lazaro got his foot into the art door with his first exhibitions with the Rekindle Miami/Headstrong Heroes Foundation for #semicolon as well as #ptsdinfirefighters projects & the #jandjshow. With family as his biggest motivation, there’s no stopping him now.

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About Jason Perez

Jason Perez Art is a professional art dealer based out of Miami Florida & New York. Jason can deliver a piece directly to you, or feature your artwork at the most important aesthetic networking events in the United States. 

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