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Jason Perez Art is a professional art dealer based out of Miami Florida & New York. Jason can deliver a piece directly to you, or feature your artwork at the most important aesthetic networking events in the United States. 

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Cindy Franco

It grew between brushes, gouges, pottery and colors, with great influence of Cindy's mother Yolanda and Julian Cindy's father. 
Cindy has experienced and transformed her life experiences in her language through the brush and the color of the soul.
The living color (Strong) and her spiritual inclination Budda, have taught her the importance of inner balance and the expression of her being through color.
Born in Queens, NY. on November 5, 1985, to Colombian parents Evelio Franco who died months after Cindy's birth and her mother Yolanda Castano (artist) Julian Gonzales, her stepfather has been her greatest supporter. Cindy has been an instrument of formation in art. As a young girl Cindy with her pencils and great imagination has always captured and caricatured her emotions. She was raised in the Colombian coffee region until she was 14 years old. Upon returning to the United States, the cultural change and the birth of her Daughter Ivana made a great difference in her passion for art.

Motivated and inspired by her personal, spiritual and artistic enrichment Cindy traveled to Asia in April 2017. Chinese culture and its history have left a mark in her brushstrokes. Cindy's Art has been sold throughout the World in England, China, the United States, Colombia & other countries.

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