Ben Moon

As an avid musician and “fine arts” major at Tulane university, Ben Moon immersed himself in the diverse artistic culture of New Orleans participating in numerous art shows and performing regularly around town. Even at this early stage he became fascinated by the ways in which his love of creating both sonic and visual elements could be combined to create a heightened emotional effect. After graduating and returning to New York, Moon’s work has been featured in a string of successful exhibitions throughout the world, including New York, London, New Orleans, Bejing, as well as several appearances at Miami’s prestigious “ART BASEL.”


Moon’s latest project ROKLYFE marks the full realization of his longstanding fascination with the integration of sonic and visual elements, resulting in a fully immersive environmental art piece where the viewer feels as though they’ve literally stepped inside

of his frenetic paintings. Inspired by Andy Warhol’s Factory Parties and the “ART HAPPENINGS” of the late 1960’s, Moon uses a combination of projected visuals, interactive social media, as well as live, and pre recorded music to create a nexus where art and life come together into a radical new experience, “the world of Ben Moon”

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