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Katey Jay

Jason Perez - Katey Jay Photo.jpg

My purpose here on this planet is to share my light from within through each and every unique piece of artistry I produce. There is a relevance of life (past, present, and future) among all that I create and invent. No words are necessary - - - just Art.


I am a versatile artist. My beginning background began young— sketching and drawing intricate art. 


I am also an intuitive mixed media abstract painter. I am an inventor. My canvases are built with my own two hands using the highest quality of lumber, acrylics, raw healing crystals, and other forms of accents that add to the overall dimension that meets the eye. 


There’s a delightful contrast between harmony and chaos. A deep sense of peace and tranquility. My work is radiating loving energy. It’s my gift to the world so that we may all connect and enrich our surroundings with more love and light. Through art, this is how it’s done. Through my form of inventive artistry, this is how good energy is spread.

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